Saturday, June 2, 2007

Am I Depressed?

By Mary Southerland

The following is a checklist to help you determine if you or someone you love is depressed. Feeling depressed occasionally is part of life. But if it lasts more than two weeks check with a doctor or Christian counselor.

___ 1. Fatigue or decreased energy

___ 2. Irritability and/or anger

___ 3. Feelings of sadness and hopelessness

___ 4. Lack of interest in normal activities

___ 5. Insomnia or oversleeping

___ 6. Weight gain or loss

___ 7. Excessive crying

___ 8. Thoughts of death or suicide

___ 9. Inability to participate in normal relationships

___10. Inability to work or carry out normal activities

___11. Difficulty in making decisions

___12. Often afraid


Debbie Leavitt said...

I have been walking with the Lord for several years now, and could never imagine life without him.
I struggle with saddness, although on depression medication, I deal with my past issues daily. I have a fifteen year old daughter, her name is Ashley and the boy she was seeing was leading her away. I had to get involved, and now I feel that she hates me. I cry all the time. My husband of sixteen years went through, and graduated from a drug program, and has problems every now and then backsliding. And he is still in denial. As you can see, I have a small family, and feel very insecure, although I talk and pray to the Lord daily.
Please, Please, pray for me and my family.

Pam said...

I too have been walking with the Lord for many years, and yet I feel depressed all the time. I am on medication, I am dealing with multiple disabilities myself, My husband and I were empty nesters for about 1 year before our grandson came to live with us when he was only 18 months. He is now 7 years old and has autism PDD, high functioning autism. His mother was also autistic, colaboma (legally blind), behavior problems. Sometimes I would like to go crawl in a hole and not come back. My husband has not been tuned to everything, he feels jealousy towards our grandson. I went to church every Sunday most of my life but I find it very hard to drag myself there anymore. I know that is so wrong. I barely have the strength to breath somedays. Would you please pray for me and my family that we could again be filled with the Holy Spirit and know God the way we used to.

Julie said...

I have also been depressed for about 4 years. It has been a long haul, but I read the book In Step With God by Charles Stanely, and he "finally" after searching everybook and tape that I thought would take me out of depression, showed me that total surrender to God is what has to be done. I know that there are people with depression and it is a medical problem with the seratonin level in their brains, but the people like me, who "became" depressed because of working more than 55 hours per week, driving to and from work, the laudry, the bills, cleaning the house, being a wife, all got to me and I crashed. I was on antidepresdsants for 4 years. July 3, 2009, I gave my life to Christ, and he took everything from me. I don't worry anymore about the bills or how they are going to be paid, God pays them. The house work is always going to be there. Do one load of laudrey a day and stay caught up. God lightened my load. He can lighten yours too.