Saturday, June 2, 2007

Celebrating Christ at Christmas

by Sharon Jaynes, author of Celebrating a Christ-Centered Christmas

Are you looking for ways to remember the reason for the season? Here is one idea, excerpted from Sharon's book, for keeping Christ at forefront of our holidays: The prophets of old anticipated the coming of the Christ-Child. Simeon and the prophetess, Anna, waited their entire lives in the Jerusalem temple to see the promise of His coming fulfilled.

We too can create an atmosphere of expectancy in our homes by setting out a nativity scene but leaving the manger empty. Each day of December, as the children walk by the empty manger, they will ask, "Where's baby Jesus?" And we can reply, "He's not here yet. But He's coming soon."To enhance the idea of preparing for His arrival, have the children add a few sprigs of straw to make Jesus' bed cozy.

Then, on Christmas morning, before little feet make their way to the crèche, place the baby Jesus in His manger bed. The children will bound into the room with cries of, "He's here! He's here! Baby Jesus is here!"But one word of caution: Don't forget where you put baby Jesus!