Saturday, June 2, 2007

Kids Activities During a Winter Grounding

By Rebecca Ingram Powell

Messages on the Snow: After a yummy breakfast of pancakes, fill up that empty syrup bottle (or water bottle, or water gun) with water that has been colored with food coloring. Head outside to write messages on the snow. (hint: Don't use yellow food coloring.)

Spa Night: Enjoy a mother/daughter night of pampering. Make bath time special for younger girls by lighting a few candles in the bathroom (candles must be supervised by an adult at all times). Older girls will enjoy a manicure or facial with Mom.

Share your love story: Dig out your wedding album, wedding video, and even your guest registry book to show your kids. They will love hearing their parents' love story, no matter how many times you've told it to them. Give Grandma and Grandpa a call and let the kids hear them reminisce about your magical wedding day.

Warm up with a day at the beach: Nothing beats the winter blues like pretending you are spending the day at the beach! Younger children will enjoy this: Spread an old sheet or a shower curtain out on the floor. Dump a couple of bags of cornmeal (this is your "sand") on it. Add measuring cups, spoons, and pails. This will keep them very entertained, and as long as you DON'T ADD WATER, it's very easy to sweep up or vacuum. (If the children put on their swimsuits, they will be easy to clean up as well!)

Letters and Cards: Revive the lost art of letter writing with your children. Now is a great time for your children to write or send pictures to family members and long-distance friends. How about a thank you note to a special teacher or church staff member? By the way, who would appreciate a handwritten note from YOU?