Saturday, June 2, 2007

A New Year, A Better You

by Rachel Olsen

While we should strive for improvement and growth through out the year, January is a time of renewed commitment for many. It's a fresh beginning - a period of renewal in the midst of winter. Here are some tips to better you -- mind, body and spirit. Pick a couple from each category and aim to implement them this month.

●Make sleep a priority each night - sleep is memory fuel.
●Become an optimist, and you'll think more clearly.
●Take some "down-time" during busy periods of life. When stressed or working extremely hard, stop and take three "cleansing breaths" by breathing in through your nose to the count of five, hold it for a count of three, and blowing out through your mouth to the count of five.
●Improve your memory and build your mental strength by memorizing scriptures that assure you have wisdom and a sound mind in Christ.

●Add an extra glass of water to your diet - our bodies are over 60% water!
●Take a quality multi-vitamin.
●Eat something fresh each day - an apple, carrot, orange, avocado or broccoli sprouts for example.
●Increase your daily movement by taking the stairs rather than the elevator, parking far from the building and walking, taking your dog out for a run, or - my personal favorite - turning up the music and dancing in your room.

●Read some portion of your Bible each day - any amount is beneficial!!
●Subscribe to Proverbs 31 free "Encouragement for Today" devotions.
●Nurture your spirit while you wait. Choose a Christian book or tape - you can find some on this website - to keep in your purse or car to pass time waiting at the bank, dance studio or practice field.
●Plan a 5 minute "Spirit Break" for the middle of your day and spend that time praying, reading or singing to some worship music.

Making just a few small changes to your routine each week or month will keep you from becoming overwhelmed with your to-do list. As they become habit, however, you will gradually become a wiser, healthier, and happier woman. Here is to a better you!