Monday, September 3, 2007

Finding Easter

By Marie Ogram

These days it's often hard to find Christ at Easter amidst all the bunnies, chicks, and eggs! Here are two great ways to “find” Christ in the typical customs and celebrations.

Resurrection Egg Hunt – While most plastic eggs contain candy, you can teach kids about the Easter story by hunting for eggs filled with small objects pertaining to the Easter story. After the eggs have been collected, explain the meaning behind each object by reading its corresponding scriptures.

You may find a ready made set of these eggs for this purpose, or you can make your own using the following items:
  • Nails- John 19:34,37
  • Thorns- Matthew 27:29
  • Herbs- Matthew 27:34
  • Wooden Cross- John 19:17-18
  • Dice- March 15:24
  • 30 coins- Matthew 26:15
  • Stone- Matthew 27:66
  • Piece of sponge- Mark 15:36
  • Piece of purple cloth- Mark 15:16
  • Piece of linen(gauze) March 15:46 S
  • ign-King of the Jews- Matthews 27:37
  • Empty egg- Matthew 27:5-7

Easter Basket Hunt - Another idea my family has done is to create a biblical scavenger hunt to find Easter baskets. The first clue is left in the Bible. All clues are simply Bible references. The Scripture is not written out. Children have to go back to the Bible with the clue and read for the next clue. If you have older children who can read, have them figure out the clues on their own. Smaller children can listen to the clues being read. You can make up as many clues as you want. Here are some ideas:

  • John 11:35 (at the tissue box leave the next clue)Scripture for this one is “Jesus wept.”
  • Matthew 5:13 (at the salt shaker leave the next clue)Scripture for this one is “Salt of the Earth.”
  • Matthew 5:14 (at the lamp or light switch leave the next clue)Scripture is “Light of the World.”
  • John 6:48 ( at the bread box leave the next clue)Scripture is “I am the Bread of Life.”

Like Christmas, Easter can easily become about everything but Christ. Get inventive and find ways to bring the focus back to the reason for this Lenten season.