Monday, September 10, 2007

Moving with Kids: Trivia Guide

Here's a fun way to ease the transition of relocation and help kids learn about their new community: Create the "Ultimate Trivia Guide" to your new town. Here are 17 ideas of what to look for in this around-the-town trivia hunt. You don't have to cover everything listed - these are categories to get you started.

Trivia Topics

The community:
o Famous residents
o Celebrity visitors
o Natural wonders
o Must-see sights
o Booming businesses
o Little-known facts
o Unsolved mysteries
o Claim to fame

Local scene:
o Entertainment
o Parks

Where to Find Trivia Info
o Observation (your own and others)
o Web sites (community and school)
o Brochures on local attractions
o Travel guide books
o Local history museum
o Monuments and memorials
o Local cemeteries (for famous former residents)
o Signs and plaques
o New friends and neighbors
o Local library and newspapers