Friday, September 14, 2007

Organize and Beautify

by Vicki Norris

Once the public spaces of your home are sorted out, organizing expert and author of Restoring Order to Your Home Vicki Norris suggests taking the next step toward a guest-ready home- beautifying.

“Organizing is the first critical step to increasing the functionality and enjoyment of your home. After you’ve put in the effort to make better use of your space and establish systems, beautifying your home can be an incentive to maintain your newfound order.” The following are Norris’ four favorite finishes, along with her organizing advice.

Fab Finish #1: Flowers and Plants
According to Norris, flowers and plants are two elements of d├ęcor that do not actually create new clutter. Not only do they uplift and warm a room, they also prevent clutter from building up, when they are placed on surfaces and tables to avoid accumulation. Finally, Norris suggests sending flower arrangements or potted plants as gifts to help brighten others’ moods and spaces.

Fab Finish #2: Family Photos
Not only are photos of loved ones cherished, but they can be neatly displayed in just about any public area of the home. You can de-clutter surfaces by arranging frames on the wall instead of propped on tables. Photos give a sense of history, belonging, and fellowship and can brighten any hallway or room.

Fab Finish #3: Marvelous Memories
Nothing personalizes a room better than a collection of family heirlooms. Items such as antique vases, musical instruments, or teacups that have been passed down make great conversation pieces and add personality to any room. The key is to display your collection artfully and with simplicity.

Fab Finish #4: Everyday Extraordinary
Even ordinary items like purses can be organized in a way that maximize access and add beauty to the home. Norris herself displays her own handbag collection on vintage hooks in her closet. Her daily purse contents can then be easily transferred to any purse of her choice to compliment the outfit of the day! Norris recommends that as you organize your everyday belongings, you think about those interesting items (like handbags) which you could display for enhanced enjoyment and ease of use.

About the Expert: Vicki Norris is a professional organizer, business owner, speaker, television personality, and author who inspires people to live out their priorities. She is author of Reclaim Your Life™ © 2007 and of Restoring Order™ to Your Home, © 2007, a room-by-room household organizing guide, both published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, OR. Norris is a regular on HGTV’s nationally syndicated Mission: Organization, and is a recurrent source and contributor to national lifestyle publications including Quick & Simple magazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and Real Simple magazine. Vicki’s books and products are available now at