Thursday, May 1, 2008

Conversation Starters for the Dinner Table

By Sharon Glasgow

Open-ended questions can get your family talking about God in a natural, unstructured way. Here are some suggestions:

Why do we obey God's commands/why does it matter what we do?

Why does it seem like ungodly people succeed?

How can we know God's will for our lives?

How do we know if the choices we make in life are the right ones?

How do we know God is listening when we pray?

Do our prayers make a difference?

How do I respond when a non-believer asks if I think they're going to hell?

Should we evangelize or are our actions enough to witness to non-believers?

Who is the Holy Spirit and how do I know he is in me?

Are demons and angels real? How do they affect my life?

How do I love my neighbor as myself?

How do you lead a person to accept Jesus Christ?

What should or shouldn’t Christians watch on TV?

What does the Bible say about gossip?

What is your plan for resisting temptation?

Sharon Glasgow and her husband, Dale, live and work on a farm in Fredericksburg, Va., with three of their children, Hannah, Rachael and Elizabeth; and Sharon’s mother, Louise. Daughter Heather, is married and lives in Fairfax, Virginia. and Jennifer lives in Los Angeles, California. Leading women to the heart of God is Sharon’s passion. She accomplishes this by writing and speaking for Him. Visit Sharon’s website for more information:


MML said...

Just three weeks ago I was interviewed by the head of the company that I'm now working for. Out of the many business/work related things we discussed, she had one comment that really struck me: how she's much, much more careful talking with her children than she is with strangers; how she cares much more about how she is actually encouraging and building up her daughter. As someone who's known to be a teacher and encourager, I was deeply ashamed and wanted to hide myself from the Lord for how I have been doing the opposite, many times...Being more edifying towards others, and seeming to have only remainders of patience and care for my son. This article is a big help to me as I ask the Lord's help to be a Godlier, more encouraging mother to my son. God bless you all!