Tuesday, September 1, 2009

10 Ways to Pray While Waiting to Work

By Julie Sanders

1. Pray for patience to wait for God’s perfect timing… it’s not easy to wait.
2. Pray for discernment to make practical decisions… like when to make a follow up call.
3. Pray for provision for the basic needs of your life… for things like groceries, gas, and utilities.
4. Pray for affirmation of your gifts and skills… to know that God made you uniquely to do great things.
5. Pray for opportunities to hear about potential jobs… keep knocking ‘til you get the right one.
6. Pray for chances to encourage others in need… it helps to remember you aren’t the only one in need.
7. Pray for partners who will faithfully pray with you… it helps so much to have friends stand with you.
8. Pray for understanding of God’s promises to encourage you… cling to what God says is true.
9. Pray for peace that passes understanding… this is truly divine, and God wants you to have it.
10. Pray for the ability to rest physically and spiritually… this will help to keep your perspective clear.