Saturday, May 1, 2010

Would My Kids Say That I Love Being a Mom?

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Would My Kids Say That I Love Being a Mom?
By Lysa TerKeurst

This week I got a note from a friend of mine who is the young mom of three little boys. She's in that stage of complete and utter exhaustion. If you’re not in this season now, you can probably remember being knee deep in poopy diapers and scratching your greasy head, while simultaneously discovering the pattern on your over-sized sweatpants is, in fact, a collection of snot.

Her e-mail so touched my heart because I realized I am no longer there. But in the midst of being in that hard season of life, I thought I'd never get out of it. I truly felt like motherhood would be full of poop, snot, exhaustion, and over-sized sweat pants for 18 years. And, I felt super guilty for not loving every minute of it.

I'm in a different season now. (Though I still find myself wearing those over-sized sweat pants!) And I realize it's my responsibility to call back to those behind me with encouragement, support and love. So, to all my young mama friends- here's my call back to you...

Sweet young mother- I struggled so much when my kids were little. People would tell me to appreciate these years, for they pass by in a blink. I'd go home blinking my little eyeballs to death wishing they would pass a little quicker.

But I must say, God used those years to grow me and stretch me more spiritually than anything else I've ever been through. Even when you only get little snippets of time with God, His lessons are there moment by moment.

Just the fact that I survived my first daughter is evidence of God's amazing grace working in my life. She once bit my face leaving me with a hole- A HOLE !- in the side of my cheek. With everything in me, I wanted to march her back to that hospital that aided me in birthing her and demand some DNA testing. I was certain I'd brought home the wrong child.

That is until my mama told me she'd been praying for years for me to birth someone just like me. Ahem. Payback for her was pure bliss.

Anyhow, moment by moment I survived. Life did not pass me by. Opportunity did not pass me by. And my ministry was right there waiting for me when I changed that last diaper. Your dreams, goals, aspirations and hopes for how your future will look, will be right there waiting for you as well.

Those years where I only did little people ministry within my home worked out some kinks between me and the Lord, and perfectly prepared my heart to be so much more real and authentic. I came to realize my desperate need for God like never before.

I came to realize my desperate need for grace like never before. I came to realize that even a rule-following girl like me can be pushed to cuss. And then I realized even more grace than before.

Hold on sweet sister. There is nothing wrong with you when you feel like you love those little people, but some days you don't like them very much. It's okay. We've all been there. This too shall pass. And when it does, you'll actually miss parts of it. And you'll actually not miss some parts of it too!

You see, it’s all part of a grand plan God has to knit you into His story. Day by day, He is weaving, stretching and developing something so incredibly magnificent. Some days you’ll feel like your life is just a tangled mess. But those knots are necessary to ground us in the Lord and make the fabric of our life strong. Psalm 90:12 says, “Teach us to number our days aright, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

If you will hold on to that precious heart of wisdom, you are in the process of gaining day by day, and you’ll start to see the beauty, even in the imperfections of your life. And a mom who embraces beauty despite imperfections, is a woman whose kids know she loves being a mom.

As I walked up the front steps of my house last night, I paused and breathed in the most glorious air of familiarity. Home. My favorite place in the world. The place where I do life.

A land of missing hamsters, brace faced teens, homework posters, dented cars, wood eating squirrels, a shotgun toting husband and more dust bunnies than I care to admit. Where conversation abounds, tears are shed, frustrations aired, and laughter swells to fill our crazy life.

This is the dream of my heart.

So, after all is said and done, the thrill of my day is scampering back to the square little place we've staked out in the world- this place where my people gather each night with an amazing sense of belonging.

This place where it's okay to wear ragged jeans, no makeup, and forget I even own a brush. With all its beautiful imperfections, this is my place. My home.

And yes, yes, a thousand times over yes, I love the privilege of being called Mom.

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Jessica said...

Thank you so much for this post. As I type this with tears in my eyes, I know that God lead me here today. Just moments ago, I was scrubbing the toilet in my bathroom, while entertaining thoughts like this, "I'm a miserable excuse for a mother. How could I long for another baby, when I can't even speak kindly to the two children I have. I don't deserve another child & my children don't deserve to have me as a mom. Where is my joy? Why am I always so exhausted and miserable? I always thought I'd love being a mom....but I guess I was wrong". I love my children dearly,but I lately I've been strugging to enjoy my days spent with them. I worry on a daily basis that I'm messing them (4 year old twins) up....that one day they'll be just like me. It wears me out and wears me down.
Thanks for the encouragement that this phase will pass....that one day I'll miss their insessant questions, constant arguing, and their need to follow me like shadows every moment of the day. I do love my boys...and I'm thankful for them. I knew from the moment I found out I was having twins, that God was going to use them to change and grow me in a major way. Some days it feels like I'm getting nowhere, but I'll keep on trusting that He's at work in me & has a perfect plan for me as my boys' mommy.