Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Simple Things

by Ginny Cruz

Quietness of morning before the house awakes,
Smells of coffee brewing and my first warm taste.
The sounds of my babies stirring in their beds,
Sweetness of their eyes and the shapes of their heads.
Rumbles of thunder and the fresh smell of rain,
The lonesome whistle of the faraway train.
Whispers of the wind as it rustles the leaves,
The peace that resides in the heart that believes.
Eating red tomatoes off the garden vine,
Running through the cornfields or just wasting time.
The simple beauty of butterflies and bees,
Messages received while down on bent knees.
The smell of a fire and the warmth of the sun,
A good book to read and a dog out to run.
Crisp colors of fall and the fresh green of spring,
Rocking on the porch as the bluebirds sing.
A golden cross as it tops the white steeple,
Church overflowing with all kinds of people.
Simple things offered from God up above,
Crafted by His hands and given in love.

Ginny Cruz, a pediatric physical therapist, has spent her entire life helping others. Her passion for songwriting, poetry, and writing for children is deeply rooted in her desire to use these gifts as God leads. She is founder of Character Trail Roundup (, a children’s edutainment company designing products to teach a biblical approach to the development of good character.