Saturday, June 2, 2007

Family Connection Rituals

By Rachel Olsen

Do you long for a closer-knit family? Family connection rituals encourage closeness by creating everyday opportunities for family bonding. They're also quick and easy to do!

Kissing family members hello or good-bye each day, leaving notes or cards in lunch boxes or briefcases, reading stories or saying nightly prayers together, are all great examples of connection rituals any family can do.

Meals offer another prime-time for family connection. Sharing breakfast before embarking on a busy day, and reconnecting over dinner at the end of it, has long been a recipe for a united family.

Mom can also take a few minutes to prepare an appetizing after-school snack. This, like all mealtimes, is an excellent time to strike up some fun or meaningful conversation with loved ones.

Connection rituals draw hearts towards home and enhance the rhythm of daily life. They stand as a small refuge of predictability and comfort in our often hectic and stressful day.

Are there ways you can build more connection into your daily family routines? The result just might be the closer-knit family you are longing for.