Saturday, June 2, 2007

Overcoming Worry in the Uncertainties of Life

by Sharon Glasgow

The past few years have strengthened my faith in times of uncertainty. Four years ago one of my five daughters, Hannah, got Rheumatic Fever. She went from sick, to critically ill, to doctors wondering if she would pull through. The illness lasted for a year and a half. She was so weak, she could not walk. We never knew what each day would bring, and so we prayed a lot. After a year and a half, Hannah began to regain her strength. Last year she was able to return to school again. Right behind her illness, we lost our family business that we had owned for 19 years.
Along with that we lost our savings, retirement money, and had to lay off the wonderful employees that we love. We had two daughters in college, three at home, and didn't know where our next mortgage payment or groceries would come from. Tears fill my eyes as I tell you God is able to fulfill all your needs! I am so humbled by His abundance provided in our times of trouble. I am proud to say He is my God and my fortress. Lean on Him and He will do more than you ever dreamed possible. Have faith when the road gets scary, sisters, and here are some tips to remember when you are hit with worry and uncertainty.1. God gives us His promises during our time spent with Him. On the mountaintops and in the quiet times, He seals our covenants with great and tender words. 2. Then, He steps back and allows the trials to come. The testing will seem to contradict everything He promised. 3. Remember, God does not remove the treacherous circumstances before we feel the pain. It is in the treacherous times that He reaches out His hand and guides us faithfully through. 4. Believe God for what He told you in the quiet times and on the mountaintops. Now is the time your faith will win the crown. 5. God is abundantly able to do all things. He can summon the most unexpected reinforcements and resources at any moment to help you. His timing is impeccable! What we think would be perfect timing rarely is. Trust in Him when you are blinded by uncertainties that overwhelm, for He is able. 6. Once you get through the trial you will rejoice knowing that you could never have understood God's faithfulness so fully in your comfortable surroundings.