Tuesday, April 1, 2008

May Baskets

A Creative Way to Reach Out to Your Community

May Baskets are an old-fashioned tradition that provides the perfect opportunity for kids to be creative and reach out to neighbors or shut-ins. If you’ve never heard of May Baskets, ask your parents or grandparents and watch their eyes light up!

Here’s the general concept of May Baskets, but of course you can adapt it to fit your situation:

The Baskets:
Doorknob baskets can be purchased at your local craft or hobby store… OR you can make them.

A simple way to make them is by creating a cone out of colored construction paper and then attaching a piece of yarn or ribbon to use as the door hanger. Kids can decorate the paper with drawings, stickers, glitter, a special message etc.

Fill the baskets with fresh flowers from your yard or store and/or some treats.

The Delivery:
These baskets are typically delivered on May 1st by hanging them on the doorknob or putting them in front of the door, then ringing the door bell and running. Of course, kids love that part!

May Baskets can be an anonymous act of kindness in this way, or if you need an excuse to meet your neighbors you can simply deliver them personally.

Other Ideas:
If you have a small group at church or a home school group, consider making this an outreach project by delivering your May Baskets to a nursing home or hospital.